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posted Jul 3, 2012, 11:38 AM by David Secor   [ updated Oct 18, 2012, 1:00 PM by Matt Siskey ]

Welcome to our new web page!  And many apologies for over-due remake to cohorts of students and colleagues who have suffered with our >10 year old web page (will not tell you how much older!).  Many, many thanks to Mike O’Brien and Matt Siskey for designing and producing the Secor Lab web page.

What’s on it?

Lots of smiling faces: Current and past members of the lab.  If you look at Prospective StudentsAfter Graduate School – you can see what they’ve been up to in recent years.

Current research: Under Bluefin Tuna Research, we’ve put out a brochure to help explain our research to anglers who help us collect otoliths. Under Chesapeake Habitats, we have a plot of CBL Pier temperatures showing Chesapeake warming. Note nice pic of man snagging shark snagging ray on Maryland’s Coastal Fishes and notice of pending book, Migration Ecology of Fishes.  

Back by population demand: Ye olde otolith manual and research pages from past projects.

Calendar: Under Upcoming Seminars – you can view our lab’s schedule – weekly CBL Pier seining, menhaden and tuna field sampling, and lab travel dates.

Under Construction:

We are building pdf library of >100 lab publications that is password accessible – see Citations.

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