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Recent Alums
Ben Gahagan, Faculty Research Assistant, 2010-2012

Current Position: Diadromous Fish Biologist, MA Division of Marine Fisheries

Chris Conroy, MS, 2012

Alternative migratory pathways of juvenile striped bass Morone saxatilis in the Patuxent River Estuary

Current Position:  Ph.D. Candidate, Professor J. Gabrowski, Northeastern Univ.

Kari Fenske, MS, 2009

Assessment of local abundance demographics, health, and exploitation of Chesapeake American eel

Current Position:  Ph.D. Candidate, Professor T. Quinn, Univ. Alaska

Ryan Woodland, PhD, 2010

Maryland’s Inner Continental Shelf as a Marine Finfish Nursery: A Comparative Approach

Current Position: Research Scientist, Monash Univ., Australia

Deanna Hanks, M.S., 2009

Bioenergetic responses of Chesapeake Bay white perch to nursery conditions of temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen.

Lisa Kerr, PhD, 2008

Cause, consequence, and prevalence of spatial structure of white  perch (Morone americana) populations in the Chesapeake Bay.

Current Position:  Scientist, Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Other Alums

Jill Stevenson, MS, 1997

Life history characteristics of Atlantic sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus) in the Hudson River and a model for fishery management.

Erik Zlokovitz, MS, 1999

Effect of migration on PCB contamination in Hudson River striped bass. 

Edwin Niklitschek, PhD, 2001

Bioenergetic investigations of habitat use by juvenile shortnose and Atlantic sturgeon.

Wendy Morrison, MS, 2001

Ecology of American eels in the Hudson River.

Richard Kraus, PhD, 2003

Consequences of natal dispersal in Chesapeake Bay white perch.


Lynn Takata, MS, 2004

Recruitment of bluefish in Maryland estuarine and coastal habitats.

Robert Murphy, MS, 2005

Fish Assemblage Structure in Maryland’s  Coastal Lagoon Complex.

Ryan Woodland, MS, 2005

Age, growth and recruitment of Hudson River shortnose sturgeon (Acipenser brevirostrum).

Jody Callihan, MS, 2005

Ecology of juvenile bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix) in Maryland coastal waters and Chesapeake Bay.

Brandon Puckett, MS, 2006

Growth and recruitment rates of juvenile blue crabs (Calinectes sapidus) in Chesapeake Bay.

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