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Dr. David Secor

Dr. Secor is a fisheries ecologist and Regents Professor at University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, where he began as a PostDoc in 1991. He was graduated by Macalester College (BA, 1983) and conducted dissertation research (PhD, 1990) at the Baruch Institute, University of South Carolina and at Kagoshima University, Japan. His research group has pioneered applications using otolith tracers and acoustic telemetry to reconstruct migrations in estuarine and coastal fishes.  A primary interest is how diversity in life history and migration contribute to resilience in exploited species and species of concern.    He has provided a comprehensive review of this topic in his book entitled Migration Ecology of Marine Fishes published in 2015 by The Johns Hopkins University Press.

Dave teaches graduate courses in fisheries science and management and fish ecology, and advises the Chesapeake Bay Program and other state and federal agencies on fisheries stock assessment, climate impacts, species of concern, and ecosystem based fisheries management.